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The Department of Economics, Management and Quantitative Methods (DEMM) has, since 1995, a series of Working Papers with scientific contributions from its members.

A Working Papers Service is also active, with the aim of collecting Working Papers of more than 160 Italian and foreign institutions, the Bank of Italy, CEPR including London School of Economics, International Monetary Fund, etc. The collection contains more than 9000 titles available in electronic format and ready to be distributed. The Service is mainly intended for researchers and students of economics. The update takes place daily and some Working Papers series are also available through the Internet.

Our Working Papers series is avaiable almost completely in electronic format and can be freely downloaded (at least for papers written after 1998). If you are interested in Working Papers not available for download, please send an e-mail to: dipeco@unimi.it.

The full archive, including downloads of Papers, is available from the link below; for quick reference, you can also use the following list (not including downloads).

Working Papers archive from 1995

Working Papers quick reference


This is only a list of published Working Papers; please refer to the upper link for the full archive set which includes downloads. Access statistics are available at this link.

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ID Date Title Author(s)
01 02-06-2016 International Risk Taking Channel in Emerging Markets Giovanna BUA
02 02-11-2016 Entry and Patenting in the Pharmaceutical Industry Maria Letizia GIORGETTI
Maria Luisa MANCUSI
03 02-29-2016 Willingness to Pay for Basic Research: A Contingent Valuation Experiment on the Large Hadron Collider Gelsomina CATALANO
Massimo FLORIO
Francesco GIFFONI
04 04-16-2016 The Less Extreme, the More You Leave: Radical Islam and Willingness to Migrate Chiara FALCO
Valentina ROTONDI
05 04-22-2016 The History of European Infrastructure Finance: An Analytical Framework Youssef CASSIS
Giuseppe DE LUCA
Massimo FLORIO
06 05-12-2016 Is Impulsivity a Mediator of the Relationship between Financial Literacy and Debt Decisions? Cristina OTTAVIANI
07 06-06-2016 A Professional Premium for LHC Students: Perceptions from within Tiziano CAMPORESI
Gelsomina CATALANO
Massimo FLORIO
Francesco GIFFONI
08 06-08-2016 Return to Commuting Distance in Sweden Sergii TROSHCHENKOV
09 07-15-2016 Solving a Longstanding Conundrum: The Uneasy Coexistence of Alternative Equilibrium Conceptions in Walras’s Theoretical System Franco DONZELLI
10 07-30-2016 Investment, Insurance and Weather Shocks: Evidence from a Lab Experiment in Cambodia Chiara FALCO
Douch KONG
Valentina ROTONDI
Valeria SPELTA

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